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The Long and Winding Road

April 19, 2010

Dystastic and myself both travel a hell of a lot for work, and I’ve had some really hairy experiences in the last few years. There has been food poisoning, lost luggage and that one time I got packed off into Swineflu quarantine in China (not a nice experience – trust me). So it was almost inevitable that the one weekend I really had to get home a big volcano eruption on Iceland would leave me stranded in Frankfurt. At that point it was only Norway that had closed, so as I tried to get as close as possible my options quickly dwindled and soon I was going nowhere fast.

After queuing for an hour for a train ticket the long wait ensued – I even managed to blog a bit from the train station – but I was feeling quite positive as I had bagged myself a 1st class ticked on the train. Biggest waste of money, ever! The train was so full that I spent the night sleeping under the seats in the aisle of the 1st class carriage, my head facing some strangers ass, and my ass facing some strangers head. After that less than enjoyable night, I couldn’t even get on my connecting train as it was so full, and I had two suitcases with me – one full of shoes (naturally). As “luck” would have it, I managed to rent one of the last cars in Hanover and drove for 14 hours straight and made it home just in time for my dad’s 70th birthday party. What pleasures will travel bring me next, I wonder? Snakes on a plane perhaps?

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