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AW2010 Runway Shoes

April 4, 2010

Now that we have the AW shows at a comfortable distance it’s time to take a look at the details, and first and foremost the shoes! It’s no secret that we are pretty shoe obsessed here at Styletastic, yet I have to say there was more to be excited about last season. AW 2010 is of course the season where everyone decided it was time to grow up and be all ladylike and minimalistic, which usually equates to pretty boring shoes, and in stark contrast to that there is the obsession with fur, which unfortunately has also made it onto the footwear. So here’s a roundup of the highs and lows of AW2010 runway shoes:

Miu Miu heralded the return of the clumpy heel for SS2010, and now everybody’s at it. I guess you might assume that given my recent 90s obsession I would be all over these Wang shoes, but frankly they are just darn ugly in my humble opinion. Reminds me of school shoes somehow.

Thank god for Balenciaga this season, honestly. With all this grown up, ladylike theme going on, it’s nice to see that someone managed to take a playful, fun approach to the trend. Loving those collage heels.

Everyone loved Burberry this season, right? The knee high boot doesn’t seem to want to go away yet, but I find myself very smitten with the buckled sheepskin boots. Love.

Cavalli was also a surprising breath of fresh air in the shoe department for AW10, and one of the very few who went down the sexy route. Of course, he always goes down that route, but I liked it. Not too sure about that ball of fluff in the middle though.

Galoshes and Chewbacca boots. I must repeat what I thought after seeing spring’s clog bonanza – that man hates women.

Are moonboots back? Really? Do we have to? Do love the suede crepe wedges to the left though. Almost enough to ignore the moonboots.

Mmm, lace, knit collars and platform riding boots with stiletto heels. Ladylike without the dowdiness.

More sexy lace from Dolce & Gabbana. I’m also quite taken with the sock shoes on the right!

Oh Givenchy, how I love thee! Not sure about the flat velvet sandals, but the lace detailing on these boots is super hot. I want the red pair. Bad!!

Lanvin was one of my favourite collections this time round, and I’m loving the shoes too. The detail on the toe with the indent is pretty slick, but not even Lanvin can persuade me to love fur boots…

Miu Miu is almost always first in line when it comes to creating trends, and their “sensible” square toe embellished pumps will for sure influence many a shoe collection in the seasons to come. It’s just a shame they are not to my liking at all. And as for that flappy ankle cape thing, it is just confusing me. I want to like Miu Miu, but I just can’t this time.

Prada is a connoisseur of all things clumpy and slightly ugly, and I have a feeling that we are looking at the “it” shoes for next season. But I bloody hate them. Eugh! When did fashion suddenly grow up and decide we need to dress like old ladies again?

No old ladies in sight at Versace, of course… (shocker).

Again with the sensible, clumpy heel, lady like, old woman pumps… Yawn!

Finally some show stoppers, eh!? The dishwasher brush shoe is bad ass, and I love that blue platform. Mmm, YSL…

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  1. April 4, 2010 21:09

    these shoes are impeccable….great post.

  2. April 6, 2010 23:31

    Another nice selection! I like Lanvin and Miu Miu the most, even though Balenciaga managed to create a very spectacular collection too. I agree with you in most of the cases.

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