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Weekend Wars

January 30, 2010

So as some of you may remember, one of our things to look forward to in 2010 was some great concerts lined up in Oslo, and this weekend me and Dytastic went to two. First, Spank Rock at Blå on the 28th and then Brett Anderson at Parkteateret on the 29th.

Spank Rock had apparently been on a bit of a bender before arriving in Norway, so was clearly a little off his game. Therefore, instead of a Spank Rock concert experience we got a B-More club night with a couple of Spank Rock songs thrown in. They played about 6 songs in total, leaving the stage somewhere in the middle for about 20 minutes. The thing is, when he was on stage he was absolutely brilliant, but we didn’t pay to see the dj, even though he was very good too. A definate WTF moment.

Brett Anderson, on the other hand, was bloody brilliant. I’d never seen him live before, but two seconds after he came on I was almost in tears. Completely magical. He mostly played things off his new album Slow Attack, which I haven’t got around to listening to yet, but even though I didn’t know most of the songs it was completely mesmerizing. Dytastic has seen him a few times before, but is completely in love so it was a perfect night for both of us and really helped the mood from the Spank Rock disappointment.

Here is a clip from his live show in Utrecht a couple of days ago so you can see what the magic is all about… LOVE!

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