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Top 5: Everyday Luxuries

January 10, 2010

All of Europe is frozen, it’s dark when you go to work in the morning and just as dark when you go home, holidays seem a long way off and Xmas is soon just a distant memory – so it’s time to cheer yourself up! I am a big believer in everyday luxuries, little things that seem extravagant but keeps giving you a little burst of enjoyment. This is what the mastercard ads will tell you is “priceless”, except these little luxuries aren’t – but still totally worth it. I find that the everyday luxuries in my life can very easily distract me when I have no money to buy clothes. Now pick yourself up from the floor and give some of these a go!

1: Smell Nice

I’m a big fan of Molton Brown products, I just love the packaging and everything smells incredible. I haven’t got a firm favourite scent, but I always make sure I have some hand wash, hand cream, shower gel and usually bath salts from them. It doesn’t make a difference what brand it is, of course, whatever you fancy really. But the point is to try and inject a little luxury into everyday products, don’t just settle for generic supermarket brands. Scented candles is another luxury that sometimes makes you just close your eyes when you swipe your card, but every once in a while you have to give yourself a treat.

2: Hand Job

Dytastic got me hooked on hand care back in the day by introducing me to Dior nail varnish remover and cuticle cream. These days I couldn’t even tell you how many hand creams I own. Taking care of your hands and nail is quite therapeutic really – if I still lived in London I would try to get mani/pedis all the time, but in Norway unfortunately it is more a once-in-a-while luxury rather than the everyday kind. So I’m all about the DIY these days. Get a decent hand cream, some pretty nailpolish (like the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection) and my favourite nail product, the OPI drip dry oil and you’re set to go. Dytastic also introduced me to the amazing Alessandro Hands Up! Magic Manicure, which is a hand scrub that will transform your life.

3: Facetastic

Another little luxury that Dytastic introduced me to was face mists. Face mists are definitely one of those things that you will not even know about until you are in love and addicted. I’m a fan of the Chanel Beauté Initiale Sérum which is both extremely refreshing and like a miracle cure for my skin. I also a very recent discoverer of the Evian Breumisateur, or water mist if you must (it just sounds posher if you say it in French!), which I already know is going to be a necessity in summer and for every long haul flight in the future. Face mists do sound a bit poncey, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, and I guarantee you will be addicted for life.

4: Hair Do

Beauty editors all over the world will tell you that if there is a beauty product you should splash out on it is shampoo and conditioner, and after years of Herbal Essences I have simply done as I’ve been told and “invested”. And I’m happy to say that the magazines got it right. Rather than just cleaning your hair, good hair products should be able to sort out any problems you might have with your bonnet and improve the condition of it too. My hairdresser recommended Redken to me as a brand where you get the most product for your money, but I’m a big believer in switching it up so my tresses won’t get bored.

5: Bubbly

I’m not saying that you should drink bubbly everyday, but nothing can lift your spirits like a little bit of alcohol…! A bottle of inexpensive cava or prosecco can make your life seem less depressing, and should definitely not be saved for special occasions. Prosecco tends to be a bit sweeter than cava, but you can find great quality versions of both. Don’t be fooled into getting prosecco in a can though, it’s not a luxury without the glass bottle and the pop of the cork… I also highly recommend trying a good rosé sparkling wine. How can life get you down if you have pink bubbles at your disposal?

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