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Linktastic: Penny Blood’s Black Book

December 15, 2009

My friend H, aka Penny Blood, has taken it upon herself to provide a great service to this world, and that is to share her knowledge and very opinionated reviews of her “favourite places to drink coffee, eat cake, have tea, eat out, buy clothes, watch movies, kill time, read Voltaire, quote Baudelaire and write this blog”. (favourite places in London that is)

All Londoners hate tourists, but this site provides you with interesting places to visit that you’d never normally read about in a guide book and steers you away from tourist traps with absolute certainty. A must-read for London residents too in fact. Penny Blood does not frequent places for the hell of it or because it is the easy option, these establishments have to work very hard indeed to earn the respect of this young lady, and the list of reasons to dislike a place is as long as my arm. Number 2 on the list: “fruit machines and televisions. Two words – poor people.”

So if you’re one of those much-hated tourists who want to try and blend in and not follow the queue of sheep outside Madame Tussaud’s or to one of many branches of Aberdeen Angus Steak houses, then read this guide with as great a care as it was constructed. Just don’t go looking for “fashionable stores to buy baby clothes, people who shop here should be given a televised execution”. (Immediately I want to point out that even Topshop sell fashionable baby clothes now, but H would only tell me not to be so obtuse).

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